Why Group Insurance?

Smart employers recognise that having a group insurance policy helps to attract, reward and retain staff. It is a great employee benefit, often overlooked but increasingly being offered by prudent employers. Top professional firms consider Group Insurance as an essential employee benefit and a good risk management tool. Providing group insurance benefits to employees lets them know that they are valued and appreciated, and shows that you are a forward-thinking, caring, employer of choice.

Product advantages:

  • Automatic Acceptance Levels which means no underwriting for members up to pre-defined limits. This is a big advantage, especially when compared to retail insurance where those seeking cover need to be underwritten (i.e. provide evidence of health) to obtain cover from $0.
  • Cheaper premium rates
  • Approximately 1% of payroll cost covers 100% of employee lives
  • Guaranteed renewal period (for example, up to 3 years)
  • Addresses the issue of Underinsurance through Group Insurance
  • Innovative ancillary benefits can be provided
  • Continuous reviews means that benefits are based on employee's or member's salary at the time of claim.


Overall advantages:

  • Improves staff morale
  • A stand out benefit for companies known for being 'employers of choice'
  • Helps to attract and retain staff
  • Minimal administration
  • Tax advantages
  • Guaranteed level of cover  

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How AGI can help. 

Employers Insurance SupportInterested in providing your staff with a group insurance policy? With ever changing legislation and product updates, employers do not have the time to be experts.  Engage an adviser and make life easy.

A good adviser can assist with:
  • Tender management and due diligence: getting you a policy that provides great value;
  • Review your existing plans (if applicable);
  • Provide you with ongoing education and advice;
  • Helping you ensure your staff are underwritten to their maximum available cover and guiding you through the claims process;
  • Continuation options – assisting your employees take up continuation of their cover when they leave your employment;
  • Providing your staff with individual financial and insurance advice at their request (at no extra cost to you);
  • Promoting the benefits to employees and;
  • Answering any queries your staff may have. Remember, only a licensed financial adviser should give advice. 
We can refer you to our network of qualified, professional insurance advisers who are skilled in designing and implementing attractive group insurance plans. So talk to the experts and save time and money.


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