Because we believe group insurance should be easy.

Australian Group Insurances Pty Ltd (AGI) is a third party insurance administrator based in Sydney, specialising in group insurance. Group insurance is an employee benefit purchased by organisations. It protects a company’s most valuable assets: its people. It insures employees or members in the event that they die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness, or suffer from a partial or total disablement from sickness or injury and cannot work, either temporarily or permanently. It protects employees 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, even when they are not at work.

AGI helps superannuation funds and life companies enhance their back-office administration capabilities.

A range of financial services firms (e.g. superannuation funds, master trusts, life companies, advisory firms) outsource their insurance administration functions to AGI so that they can focus on what they do best: providing great insurance products and services to their clients.

Mission Statement

At AGI, we are passionate about group insurance and committed to ensuring that everybody wins: insurers, financial advisers, employers and members of group insurance policies.

Our mission is to be the recognised as the ‘one stop shop’ for advisers and financial services organisations for all types of group insurance administration.

Our business philosophy is built on the following key principles:

  • Partnership with select, like-minded insurance companies and financial services organisations.
  • Innovation and Flexibility: advisers can approach AGI to find unique, tailored and flexible solutions for their clients’ specific needs.
  • Persistence: continue to seek innovative solutions and products in the group insurance space, and strive for constant improvement on our administration capabilities.


Why we're different

We believe that our competitive advantage stems from the triple alliance of People, Technology & Effective Leadership. At the core of this trio of success is sound management. To us, that means engaging the right people and employing the right technologies for success.

Our dedicated team of group insurance professionals will ensure that administration requirements for insured members are handled seamlessly and efficiently.  We give our clients peace of mind that their plan details are up to date and accurate. We understand that clients need the tools to support the product and the process.

To this end, our administration systems are driven through Group Insurance Management Application (GIMA) – our unique platform developed to streamline workflow processes and reporting required in managing group insurance plans effectively. This has been developed exclusively by and for AGI, and we’re constantly improving this platform.  All group insurance tasks - from pricing, underwriting, claims, policy administration to reviews – are managed through GIMA.  The reporting provided by GIMA provides enormous time saving for clients, life companies and AGI. Reports can also be tailored to the needs of clients.

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